Christmas 2015

We are already missing Christmas. This year was definitely the best yet! It was the first year Grey really understood the holiday and got excited about Santa plus London just loves everything Grey does so it was really the cutest thing to watch them go through their presents.
Christmas Eve was filled with cookies brownies, ice cream and staying up late. That last bit surely won't be encouraged next year, haha. It was time for Santa's Elves to get to work but one of them was snoring as soon as the kids! So I spent quite a few hours assembling a play kitchen just for Santa to take all the credit! It was so worth it though. The kids were crazy excited to find it by the tree the next morning and have not left it alone since. As we were getting ready to open presents the kids started smuggling them all into their kitchen cabinets. They are too funny! Aside from the kitchen of course, Grey's favorite gift was a B. Docter set as he checked everyone's heart beat 5 times and told us our hearts sound "cool" while London was in  pure heaven and just threw every toy she got around her and cuddled her baby. Even the pups woke up in the greatest mood!

Christmas pajamas were found at Old Navy. Currently sold out.

Recently we announced we will be welcoming another sweet baby burrito to our family in May 2016! We truly could not be happier. As if Christmas wasn't magical enough already, Daniel and I received an amazing gift. We found out the gender of baby number three! We got ready and opened the envelope. The doctor put a pink card in the envelope and we were shocked to see pink. We were certain this one would be a boy and my gut feeling is always right! Well we kept going and opened up the card. Surprise surprise, it's a boy! Very funny doc! We wanted to document that moment and share it with you all. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! Below is our day in photos. Enjoy.

Photos by Daniel Ortega


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl!

  2. How cute! Congratulations. Looks like the perfect Christmas you spent together.

  3. I LOVE the one where you and your kid having "matching bellies"! So stinkin' cute!

  4. I love the kitchen playsets! I remember mine! And I think it is a fantastic toy for all kids (boys need to play with kitchens too).

  5. Cute picture at the end, so sweet! And that's funny about the pink card. :)


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