Christmas Wishlist 2015

Happy December! Can you believe its almost Christmas?! This year has gone by so fast. I hope you're not waiting until the week of to shop.. like I have for the last 10 years. Haha. Here is a list of ideas for your family's Christmas gifts. Whether you want to save or splurge, need a joint children's gift, something for your boy, girl, yourself or even your husband it's all below!
Fisher Price Puzzle || I love how this puzzle isn't just about fitting the pieces in their spots but also makes the animals noises! We love educational toys here.
KidKraft Kitchen || We've had our eye on this kitchen for a few months now and I love it. We plan to change a few things about it but you'll have to wait to see the result! Or get creative with yours in the meantime!
Chromecast || Daniel loves to wind down with a netflix binge. As does everyone right? We haven't had cable for years and this chromecast is the best thing that happened to streaming video. our husband will love you for saving money on cable and making it easier for him to watch his favorite Netflix and Hulu series on TV instead of the iPad.
Teepee || I've loved this teepee, and the idea of it being a reading nook, for at least a year now but its always been too much of a splurge for us. The one pictured above is from Land of Nod though you can find them slight less expensive on Etsy. Luckily we have awesome family and it was made for us! Thank you Titi Sandy!! If you're crafty enough, the link to DIY this project is here.
Panini Maker || I love paninis! I always get one on our trips to Panera and am constantly wishing I could make them at home. Problem solved here! And its got a killer price tag on it that makes it a great gift.
Avengers Masks || This is every little boys imagination come true. And the price is great for my husbands wallet!
Lamborghini || These things always have a higher 'recommended age" but my almost 3 year old boy would flip out over this.
Slippers || His - Hers. These can get a bit pricey but at L.L. Bean they come with a lifetime warranty! If you loose one, they rip or anything else you can get a replacement pair for free!
Baby Doll || I can't find the one we got for London. We got it a few weeks go but ts just like this one. Toys 'R' Us also singular baby dolls for just $5!

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